Hey, did you know we are hosting another Punk Rock Flea Market in Downtown Lorain this Spring?


Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this! If you attended our Holiday show in November, you already know what to expect with vendors and the vibe of the event.

But what if you’re new to PRFM Lorain?

What if you have a friend and they are asking you, “Why should I go to Punk Rock Flea Market? I’m not even punk.”

Well, here at PRFM Lorain, our committee gathered together to convince you or help you convince others, to attend!


The following are our top 10 reasons why you should attend the Spring show!


  • Unique items you won’t find in stores – Most of the vendors at PRFM Lorain are independent artisans who hand craft original items like clothing, jewelry, bath products, toys, decor, and much more. The rest of our vendors stock quality collectibles, vintage items, comic books, action figures, and other items you don’t find readily available in big box stores.
  • Mother’s Day shopping – For those who wait til the last-minute or those wanting to get your mom and grandmother (or even aunt!) something unique and incredible, PRFM Lorain is the place to be on Saturday May 7!
  • Close to home – Located right in Downtown Lorain on the main part of Broadway Ave., PRFM Lorain is easily accessible by State Routes 2, 6, and I-90! It’s about a 30 minute drive from Cleveland or Sandusky to get your punk rock shopping vibe on.
  • Everyone is welcome and fits in – PRFM Lorain is based on the Punk credo of fearless acceptance. Everyone from young and old and every walk of life is welcome at PRFM Lorain! 
  • Kids art area – In keeping with our theme of art and self-expression, our Spring show features a special art area for kids to get their art on. From special kids punk themed coloring pages to crafty goodness, we’ll treat your kids to a fun and creative time!
  • Meet new and interesting people from all over the Northeast Ohio area – Feel the need to meet some different, interesting, and like-minded people? PRFM Lorain is the place to be! Perhaps your new best friend will be someone walking around or even one of the vendors at PRFM Lorain. It’s also a great place to finally meet up with Facebook friends you haven’t met in person yet! 😉 
  • Support local artisans and indie businesses – Attending PRFM Lorain keeps your hard-earned money where it belongs – in the community. You’ll be helping crafters, artisans, and indie businesses fuel their dreams and create more items for the public. Who wants cheap, plastic and mass-produced crap from China? Not us!
  • Give back to the community while helping out Genesis House – Not only are you keeping money flowing in the community, but you’re also giving back by attending. All door profits and donations are going to help Genesis House Domestic Violence Shelter. Check them out and see what they are all about!
  • Eat some great food – This time around, Krav is our official food truck. Based right here in Lorain County, Krav specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with Latin and Korean accents. As their slogan goes, crave the Krav!
  • Get Punk schooled and have fun – Want to learn more about PRFM Lorain or Punk culture in general? Then come on out on Saturday May 7, between 11AM and 6PM and check us out! Only $1 admission gets you in for one of the most unique shopping and entertainment adventures in Northeast Ohio. Oh, did we mention the first 50 adults through the door get a FREE official PRFM Lorain Swag Bag filled with goodies and info from vendors and businesses around Northeast Ohio? 

Buy the ticket. Get in the game. Rock it out. BE THERE!


Photo: All Star Punk


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