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“The name says Punk Rock, but we promise we’re not scary!”


That’s what you’ll see on our About PRFM Lorain page, and it’s true.

When Punk exploded onto the headlines of the newspapers and TV, Punks were portrayed as violent people into the drug scene, with a devil-may-care attitude. Sure, there were Punks who were into drugs and violence, but the majority of us kids weren’t. Punk just got a bad reputation from the start. 

The media always found the worst stories to sensationalize – things really haven’t changed much if you stop and think about it. The media loves to take a story and stretch it to crazy proportions, just for attention.

punk after school specialI remember back in the late ’80s, when the ABC Afterschool Special, “The Day My Kid Went Punk” aired – talk about bad press! And then there was the Phil Donahue show when he had Deborah Spungen, the mother of the notorious Nancy, the murdered girlfriend of Sid Vicious from the legendary Punk band the Sex Pistols. 

While most of those in the Punk scene looked scary in our black leather jackets with studs and spikes, sporting combat boots and crazy-colored hair, we really weren’t. We were just expressing our individuality – the shock value just happened to be a side effect. 

For a true Punk, it certainly wasn’t a fad or phase – Punk was and still is an attitude and lifestyle. It is in our blood. It is our need to be free to express ourselves, to pursue our ambitions with great and fervent passion, and to make our own rules about life.

Those involved in the Punk culture are some of the nicest and most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. We use the Punk ethos in our daily lives, and some of us, like those involved with Punk Rock Flea Market Lorain, use it to change and impact our community for the better.


PRFM CT article


The stigma most older generation folks have with Punk is slowly being chipped away at by great events like PRFM Lorain. We want to thank Katie Nix from The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria, who did a wonderful write-up of what we are all about! It is great press like this the Punk culture needs to turn the stereotypes around.

We at PRFM Lorain are dedicated, determined, and excited to help usher in a new era not only in Downtown Lorain, but Lorain County as a whole. We look forward to growing not only PRFM Lorain but other rockin’ events as well! 

So whether you’re young or old, into Punk or not, please make it a point to join us at one of our future shows and events for a unique and one-of-a-kind shopping and entertainment experience!


*featured photo by Rebellion in the UK – Blackpool 

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