Life would be pretty boring without the unique and interesting.


Here at Punk Rock Flea Market Lorain, we know the importance of shopping local and supporting indie small businesses and artisans. The arts community in Lorain is very important to us. 

The spirit of PRFM Lorain is DIY – we don’t like the uninspired garbage and mass-produced items of corporate box stores – we like (and encourage!) creative and inspired works of art and small indie businesses best, because that is the true heart and soul of a community.

As we move forward with PRFM Lorain and other events like it, it is our hope to help usher in the artistic renaissance Lorain (and surrounding communities in Northeast Ohio) so desperately needs.

So why buy from local artisans?

Here are 5 (+) good reasons to start today – and also plan on being at PRFM Lorain’s various shows and events! 


#1 – Buying local keeps money in the community!

When you buy local, the money you spend stays in the community instead of going to some big box corporate center in another state or even country! Spending local helps everyone! 

#2 – You get a unique product and better customer service!

Artisans sell unique products that are their own labor of love. Everything is creative and not mass-produced. Another thing to keep in mind is local artisans take the time to get to know and befriend their customers.

#3 – Inspires local prosperity and builds the arts community!

Did you know most artisans are considered small businesses? Buying from a local artisan helps them to solidify their business and puts more jobs out into the community, as well as building the artistic community at large.  The unique art in the local community can only exist with continued local support, which starts with you!

#4 – Helps create jobs in the community!

Spending your hard-earned money locally helps an artisan make his/her living. When local artisans are prosperous, they tend to hire on helpers and spend money locally on other community services.

#5 – Makes the community awesome!

Buy buying from a local artisan, you’re building a stronger indie and arts community, and encouraging more people to get involved. 

Bonus reason #6 – Buying local is totally punk rock!

Going back to the whole DIY spirit, there’s nothing better and more hardcore than buying an awesome piece of art or something from an indie small business. You’re in essence giving the middle finger to factory made, cheap plastic crap from China and raising your fists in unity for the true working class artists and business owners out there!



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