September is finally here!


For most this means a myriad of things like back to school, the start of football season, end of summer, start of pumpkin flavored everything and of course, my favorite, the beginning of Halloween season!

I’ve had discussions with different people about when Halloween season actually begins, and the answers are mixed.

With people like myself, borrowing from the Ministry song, Everyday is Halloween, so it’s a year-round celebration. Some say it starts when the stores start carrying Halloween merchandise (which is getting earlier every year, I swear!), others opt for October 1 as the start of Halloween season.



Whatever time is right for you, the team here at PRFM Lorain has helped me compile this great list of nine ways to prepare for Halloween!



  • Watch Halloween themed movies! – One of the best ways to get pumped up for Halloween is to watch some spooky Halloween themed movies! A few suggestions from the PRFM Lorain team are: Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Sleepy Hollow, Interview With The Vampire, Pet Semetary, House on Haunted Hill (the classic with Vincent Price), Addams Family and the Harry Potter film series. There are a few PRFM Lorain vendors who craft themed items from these holiday movies and more!
  • Check out Pinterest for recipes! – Oh, Pinterest, you wonderful time absorber! What better way to get ready for Halloween (and everything-pumpkin-season) than to go and peruse recipe boards on Pinterest for sweets and treats, as well as comforting and savory fall recipes. For those not skilled in the kitchen, the PRFM Lorain Halloween Extravaganza show is a great place to come and stock up on some great sweets and treats from local vendors!
  • Decorate your home! – I don’t know about some of you out there, but for me personally, I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas! Next to Christmas, Halloween is a close second to everyone’s favorite holiday to decorate their homes and yards. Just about all of our PRFM Lorain vendors have spooky and cool items for your decorating needs, both indoor and outdoor!
  • Plan your Halloween costume! – Kids don’t get to have all the fun! As adults, we get to dress up as our favorite monsters, witches, vampires, pop culture icons, historical figures – and whatever our (sometimes twisted) minds can come up with! Need some ideas? You can check Pinterest or just come to the PRFM Lorain Halloween show to get some inspiration!
  • Carve or paint some pumpkins! – Time to get crafty and find some perfect carving or painting pumpkins from your local farmers market or road side stands! Check the internet and (once again) Pinterest for some great ideas. We are hoping to have a local farm selling pumpkins outside the PRFM Lorain Halloween show! 
  • Make a spooky playlist! – Get ready to do the Monster Mash! You can check Spotify and YouTube for some great playlist ideas for your Halloween mood music! As with every PRFM Lorain show, we will have an awesome DJ playing the best combination of punk, alternative and Halloween music at our huge Halloween Extravaganza! 
  • Read a scary book! – Whether you like Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Anne Rice, or any authors in between, nothing gets you revved up and ready for Halloween than a good spooky book! Besides, everyone knows the books are always better than the movies! 
  • Go to a haunted house! – If you’re one of those people who likes to have the living bejeezus scared out of you, this is the time of year to partake in a haunted house, hayride, corn maze or barn attraction! Better yet, make your own in your backyard for your kids or family and friends! 
  • Attend the PRFM Lorain Halloween Extravaganza! – In case you didn’t realize it from the above reasons, PRFM Lorain is having our BIGGEST and BEST show of the year with our Halloween Extravaganza on Sunday October 9 from 12 noon til 6pm at St. John’s gym in Elyria (next to IHOP on West River Rd. N). You really don’t want to miss this show filled with indie artists, businesses and vendors galore for all your shopping needs and wants! 


As always, only $1 admission, which this time benefits Lorain County Habitat for Humanity, gets you in for one of the most unique shopping and entertainment adventures in Northeast Ohio! Oh, and don’t forget that the first 50 adults through the door get a FREE official PRFM Lorain Swag Bag filled with goodies, freebies, coupons and more from vendors and businesses around Northeast Ohio!

Make sure you RSVP here for the event to keep up to date on everything!

Get ready for a FANG-TASTIC time with PRFM Lorain!


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