Just in case we didn’t tell you, you don’t have to listen to Punk Rock or even be Punk to attend PRFM Lorain.


The reason we call this unique shopping event “Punk Rock” is because not all artisans, musicians, visionaries, and indie businesses fit into the normal run-of-the-mill craft show or flea market. We are creative misfits and we love our work.

Some of us might be Punk, but the majority are Punk in the modern sense of the word. 


What does that mean, “Modern Punk”?


We aren’t referring to Pop Punk, like the bands AFI or My Chemical Romance, and we do not mean Goth, although some of our artists and vendors relate and belong to the Goth subculture. Oh, and we certainly aren’t Emo, but if you are, please join us and find some joy in our company. 🙂 

For me personally, Modern Punk is applying the principles of the Punk culture I learned as a teen to everyday life.

Being a teenager, the Punk culture meant freedom and gave me incredible resilience, courage and strength to face fear head on – most of all, Punk taught me to embrace myself, flaws and all, and make the best out of every experience.

Sounds great, right? You know you want to feel that freedom too! Here are five ways you can incorporate that Modern Punk vibe into your life.


Go against the norm and find alternative solutions to everyday issues 

Punk is all about being yourself, and having the courage and conviction to go against the grain and follow your heartStand tall and stand proud for what you believe in.

We all know the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Having a Punk attitude with those lemons is best described by Henry Rollins: “When life hands you a lemon, say, ‘Oh yeah, I like lemons! What else ya got?”

Remember, as a Punk,  normal rules don’t always apply. Rules were meant to be broken. Sometimes difficult problems require creative solutions – even if it means employing non-orthodox methods to solving life’s problems. 


Employ the Punk DIY ethos

One of the skills I learned from being a Punk in the 80’s was finding low-cost, creative ways to turn my normal everyday clothing and accessories into something Punk.

We didn’t have a Hot Topic like the kids of today do – if we wanted something Punk, we had to buy from specialty shops or mail order – both of which were (most of the time) pricey. Learning to make our own patches, and using safety pins and other sewing accessories to embellish our outfits were tantamount to our DIY fashion ethos.

Punk DIY also refers to events and music scene magazines. Did you know that is how Alternative Press got it’s start over 30 years ago on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio? They are now the second most popular music magazine in the US! Alt Press is the ultimate example of DIY it til you make it! 


Pursue your passions with unwavering determination and belief

Punks, for the most part, have a devil-may-care attitude – which simply means if I like something and want to do it, nothing you or anyone else says will deter me from pursuing it. This is a great feeling – the ultimate in freedom of self-expression.

Embrace your passions, protect them with every ounce of your being, and go for it! Don’t listen to the naysayers – think of how amazing it will feel to experience that euphoric feeling of accomplishment, despite the odds.


Find purpose and structure out of chaos

“No future” was a common slogan of the early Punk movement – but it didn’t mean we didn’t believe in having a future, it meant that we were determined to take ourselves back from the chaos of conformity.

Marching like a drone through life insured falling in line with society – birth, school, work, death. “No future” encouraged us to grasp our futures from that chaos and place it back into our own hands.

A little chaos is good, it wakes you up and can light that fire of passion inside if you open yourself up to it.


Realize that everything you do and every experience you have brings you closer to your dreams

This is possibly one of the most important things to remember. Every step you make, every experience you take to heart and learn from is bringing you closer to living the life of your dreams – but you have to be awake, alive and open to it.

I was always envious of those people who had a clear-cut path to their lives. They almost too easily went from A to B to C with no problems. Now that I am older, I am thankful for the zig and zags and roller coaster rides I embarked upon in my journey to my dreams. Without all of those pitfalls and setbacks, I wouldn’t be the strong, confident and determined woman I am today. 

I Punk Rock out my life every single day. I know it is the combination of attitude and lessons I learned from being that rebellious Punk kid as a teenager and young adult that gives me strength and resilience I use in every way, every day.

Modern Punk is far more than a scene, culture or style – it is an empowering attitude, an artistic licence for life and a revolution of self-expression.

#PRFMLorain #JoinTheRevolution #ThePunkRocksOn

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