Tri-Star Skates has grown to be one of the main hubs serving and supporting the Cleveland skateboarding scene since 2008.

Tri-Star Skateshop is 100% skater owned and operated and they take pride in that. They are a skate shop first and foremost that houses an indoor skatepark under the same roof, complete with a mini-ramp / spine combo and street course, which is currently being redesigned and due to be completed by mid-summer 2017. 

They promote and help grow the local skateboarding scene any way they can; which includes hosting pro demo’s autograph signings, local competitions, teaching skate lessons to the youth, and much more. 

Tri-Star Skates love skateboarding and strives to bring something different to the table in terms of being a core skate shop that gives back to the local community.

History of Tri-Star Skates:

Tri-Star skateboards has been grown locally and organically since day one in Cleveland, Ohio. The business started slowly at first by selling boards out of the back of a van while delivering them to the surrounding skate community. 

In September of 2008, the first Tri-Star storefront came to be on State Rd. in Parma, Ohio measuring at around 500 sq feet. As business picked up over the next 2 years the shop was moved to a bigger building measuring 1,300 sq. feet. While our customer base continued to grow, in 2013 we landed in our biggest spot yet at 11,000 sq. feet!

We now have optimal room for our massive shop, an indoor skatepark, and skateboard memorabilia museum. We carry most major skate brands and have a huge selection of soft goods ranging from socks, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, shoes, and pants. Hardgoods is what we specialize in, as our shop has a board wall that is able to hold over 300 decks on the wall alone! We carry a variety of skateboard accessories as well including trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and everything in between.

Our focus lies solely on helping grow and give back to the Cleveland skateboard community. And as always we take pride in the fact that we are 100% skater owned and operated!

Make sure you come and check out Tri-Star Skateshop at the Second Annual Punk Rock Flea Market Lorain Spring Show where our theme is Make America Skate Again! How appropriate for Tri-Star Skateshop to be one of our awesome Punk Rockin’ Vendor Sponsors!!! 

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