black and white illustration depicting skeleton band representing My Chemical Romance's song Welcome to the Black Parade

Updated 4/18/2023


Punk Rock Flea Market Lorain County presents

Our 7th Annual Spring Show – Black Parade

With homage to My Chemical Romance, Welcome to the Black Parade!



Saturday, April 29, 2023

12 Noon ’til 5 PM

Soccer Sportsplex
31515 Lorain Rd.

North Olmsted, OH 44070

(address above clicks over to Google Maps for directions)


Family-friendly, as always!


$3 admission at the door
(ages 6 and under are free!)


*Hand sanitizer will be available at the admissions table for use. Masks are not required, but feel free to wear them if you would like to!*


Featuring all your favorite vendors and a ton of new ones as well!

Everything you could ever want, and then some!



TONS of art, clothing, comics, collectibles, sweets & treats, psychic readings, bargains, and so much more!



Support local small businesses & artists!




LAST UPDATED 4/18/2023



Creature Feature Photography PRFM Lorain

Creature Feature Photography

This collection is only made possible by the collaboration of amazing models. Bringing photography prints to a whole new level by designing comfy and easy-to-wear alternative fashions. Fabrics are a choice here! From the flowy chiffons to the buttery velvets. Each piece comes with a tag that has the Instagram handles of the models, to highlight them and help bring recognition to them, too! Collectively, we truly hope you enjoy our art. Also on Facebook.


X Rae Art PRFM Lorain


X.RAE.ART is an independent, artist-owned graphic t-shirt and accessories shop based out of Cleveland, Ohio. What began as a self-expressive space for artist Rachel Ruby Raymond’s love of pop culture, street art, music, and poetry has evolved into a colorful kick of punk rock with a sprinkle of sugar and a double dose of spice. We aim to share, connect and grow within the Cleveland creative scene by giving a voice to the overthinkers, dreamers, introverts, and, let’s not forget, skull lovers.


Goddess Elite PRFM Lorain

Goddess Elite

Goddess Elite, LLC is Cleveland’s largest new-age store that features local artists. Also on Facebook


castle moon PRFM Lorain vendor

Castle & Moon Jewelry

Gothic, Medieval, Mystical, and Vintage-inspired pieces. Custom work is available as well, just ask!


Myth and Mayhem PRFM Lorain

Myth & Mayhem

The treasure-hunters of Myth and Mayhem scour the earth for quirky trinkets that languish in musty cupboards and neglected attics. We then create lore for these items, detailing their backstories, mystical powers, and how to wield them in your fantasy RPG campaigns. The mundane becomes magical, more evocative than mere sketches or plastic miniatures—our splendid antiques provide tactile reality to your unreal worlds.


Petals From A Black Rose PRFM Lorain vendor

Petals From A Black Rose

Petals From A Black Rose is a small independent bath and body company. Our bath and body products are handcrafted in small batches with high-quality natural ingredients. Our products do not contain parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde.



MyAsylum Art by Emily Szalkowski

Hello, crazies! Welcome to The Asylum! My name is Emily, and I am an artist waiting to be noticed. Here you can check out my gallery, make requests (It will cost money, just a heads up), or just simply enjoy my work. Also, feel free to ask about my business! Don’t be afraid. We’re all insane, here!


Crafty Shop of Horrors PRFM Lorain

Crafty Shop of Horrors

Hand-crafted softies, scarves, hats, baby items, etc. Many items with a “nerdy” twist. Also, find us on Facebook!


Lucinda and Wiles Wantables

Offering psychic readings and healings, as well as some fairy gardens, dammit dolls, chocolate-covered pickles, baked goods, and so many more delicious treats!


Bunny Bee Boutique PRFM Lorain

Bunny Bee Boutique

Bunny Bee Boutique is a small handmade business that focuses on one-of-a-kind accessories, jewelry, and housewares. We specialize in the use of resin and alcohol ink to create beautiful and colorful pieces that will add a bit of fun and sparkle to anyone’s day.

rabbit + rain PRFM Lorain vendor

Rabbit + Rain

Rabbit + Rain is a one-woman show. Specializing in laser cutting and 3D printing, I’ve been creating quirky and esoteric designs from my home studio in Sandusky, Ohio since 2018. I have lots of funky jewelry and home decor to share with you! I can be found online at and @rabbitandrain.


Sweet Punkette Designs PRFM Lorain Spring 2019

Sweet Punkette

Punk Rock and Rock N’ Roll Clothing, Housewares, and Accessories. New and Upcycled! Like on Facebook!


Willow and Roxas PRFM Lorain

Willow & Roxas

Willow & Roxas is a small art business featuring work inspired by women and witchcraft. Items include art prints, stickers, cards, and coloring books. All artwork is done by Sarah; an illustrator, fine artist, and NEO resident. Like on Facebook!


Knotty By Nature prfm lorain vendor

Knotty by Nature

Handcrafted fiber art with an edge, including quirky cross stitch. Based in Cleveland Ohio. Check out the art on Instagram!


cement head

The Cement Head

Unique And Rare Concrete Statues. Great For Home/Lawn Decor, Dry Pet Enclosures. On Facebook and Instagram as well!


Moonlilly Designs

Steampunk-inspired handmade jewelry.


Floyd Art PRFM Lorain vendor

Floyd Art

Handpainted mini canvases and magnets of pop culture, music icons, and more!


Angies glass arm candy prfm lorain

Angie’s Glass & Gardens Arm Candy

Looking for the gift that says I love you without embarrassing yourself? Angie’s Glass & Gardens makes the perfect gift. Beautiful, colorful, unique stained glass pieces make lasting testaments to your true feelings. Also on Facebook!




Spooky + cute + retro + pop culture!
My work is inspired by all things Halloween, vintage, and the supernatural! I create a variety of spooky and fan art-themed stationery items such as art prints, greeting cards, stickers, pins, notepads, etc. I also accept commissions! Check me out on Instagram: @nikitysplickity


funky fresh soaps

Funky Fresh Soaps

There’s no reason for soap to be boring! Colorful cold process soap, candles, and body treats can be enjoyed by anyone. Making soap is my form of art therapy and I love sharing my creations with others! Also on Instagram.



Griffy Digital PRFM Lorain

Griffy Digital

I’m Griffin Kowalczyk (Griffy Digital), a self-taught digital artist from Cleveland, who specializes in scribble-style portraits. Most of my work can be found on my Instagram.



glamour edge beauty prfm lorain vendor

Glamour Edge Beauty

Glamour Edge Beauty is a handcrafted vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics brand. Specializing in pressed pigments, glitters, & highlighters that are formulated without parabens, talc, & alcohol. See all the awesomeness on Instagram!


Edifice Art

I’ve always been known as a bit of a juxtaposition. Deep, insightful, and emotional with a wide streak of wit and quirky humor. You’ll find the same range within my photography. I see such profound beauty in the spaces that others have abandoned. Where “man” begins to decay and nature accepts it as one of its own. I also enjoy capturing “pearls of wisdom” graffiti. Be it blatant profanity, oddly encouraging advice, or eyebrow-raising verbiage….it all appeals to my vision as an artist.


Claude Raymond Design

Steve Vihtelic’s Original One Of a Kind Faerie and Goblin Figures and “dolls”. Also on Facebook.


Kawaii Slimes

Kawaii Slimes is back with new slimes that are enjoyable to play with and smell amazing. Also featuring homemade fidgets & jewelry.


Misfit Medley PRFM Lorain

Misfit Medley

Misfit Medley will feature handmade sewn gifts for both people and pets. Wallets, hair accessories, reusable everyday items, pet bows, and more.


Messy Mind Designs PRFM Lorain

Messy Mind Designs

I create original abstract art in a variety of mediums such as Acrylic Pouring, Alcohol Ink, Texture, and Resin. Some of the products I have are keychains, canvas wall art, coasters, magnets, resin geodes & beach wall art.


Your Closet or Mine PRFM Lorain

Your Closet or Mine

Your Closet Or Mine has awesome t-shirts, clothing, collectibles, books, comics, DVDs, artwork, and more! Crazy cool finds!


bad doll studio PRFM Lorain vendor

Bad Doll Studio

Custom-made clothing and purses. Edgy designs and unique fabrics. Abstract paintings on canvas. Bold colors, modern designs.


Crafting Memories PRFM Lorain

Crafting Memories

Crafting Memories variety of items including memory boards, bullet jewelry made from actual bullet slices and Swarovski crystals, charm bracelets, key fobs, lanyards, pinback buttons, and more. Custom orders accepted. We can be found on Facebook 


Jonathan Brunnet with PlantHead sells a variety of indoor plants in unique containers. Plants include succulents, lucky bamboo, and other various plants. PlantHead is also located in Blended at Southpark Mall in Strongsville, Ohio.


Horrorific Librarian PRFM Lorain

Horrorific Librarian

My shop sells Witchcraft inspired decor/items, custom portraits (only via Etsy or email), original artwork/prints, fiber art (crochet amigurumi, crochet mushroom containers, etc), animal bone decor/wall art, handpainted gnomes, handmade candles in vintage items, and resin art. My shop’s tagline is “Spooky. Cute. Artwork.” Find me on Facebook as well!


salty hive prfm lorain

The Salty Hive

The Salty Hive makes familiar & sarcastic scents that spark memories, laughs, and the urge to recite movie lines. Find unique-looking candles, wax melts, hand soaps, body wash, & more.


Little Lion Press

I write YA (young adult) dark high fantasy novels. My first, Necromancer’s Lament, was released in October 2020, my second is currently with my editor, and I have begun writing the finale to the trilogy. On the occasion I get to meet some of my fellow authors from RockHill Publishing (there are ten of us), I pick up some of their works to sell in order to promote them as well. My cover artist has made bookmarks and prints of some of the characters to add to the novel. The business logo is adapted from my novel as well.


Little EmporiYum Bakery prfm lorain

Little EmporiYUM Bakery

Your local macaron dealer.
Specializes in uniquely flavored macarons, beautifully decorated sugar cookies, delicious drop cookies & engaging DIY cookie kits. Stop by for some “Strange & Unusual” Beetlejuice treats!


Art of Old School PRFM Lorain

The Art Of Old School

I am a local professional artist specializing in horror/Halloween-related artwork. I self-created and manage all of my own merchandise. Original artwork on t-shirts, prints, stickers, and buttons.


Art and Design by Myssfit PRFM Lorain

Art & Design by Myssfit

Art & Design by Myssfit™ creates unique pieces of jewelry for stretched and non-stretched ears. Experimenting with many mediums such as resin, pyrography, acrylic paints, and jewelry stamping for 7 years, I am always conjuring up some magic! I make everything from jewelry to wall decor, and other fun witchy spooky creations! Also on Facebook!


Closet Haunts PRFM Lorain

Closet Haunts

Closet Haunts Resale. Searching attics & closets far and wide to catch what haunts there. Pre-owned & Plus Size clothes, VHS, Decor, Vintage, Halloween, Etc.


Bettie Dee Designs PRFM Lorain

Bettie Dee Designs

Leather jewelry, upcycled jewelry, and assemblage art.



Susan Miklas

Crocheted Pokémon, monsters, macramé jewelry, chain maille jewelry, and plastic canvas items.


Tyranno Treasures PRFM Lorain

Tyranno Treasures

We sell high-quality pop culture cut vinyl decals. We have over 500 designs including horror, movies, video games, retro, anime, and more. We also sell Halloween signs and other misc vinyl items.


Vile Consumption PRFM Lorain vendor

Vile Consumption

Dark Comic art inspired by pop culture, horror, comics, movies, and beyond. Like him on Facebook!


Spookee Unikorn logo

The Spookee Unikorn

Resin Fairy Gardens, Snaplings, Petlings, and so many more amazing creations!



Creeps Boutique (formerly Feral Mama Shop)

Apparel & clothing. WOMAN OWNED Alternative Apparel Screen Printed Based in Cleveland, OH, EST. 2019. On Instagram and Facebook.



kitschandspooky PRFM Lorain


Bright, kitschy, vintage & quirky kitchenware/housewares. Vintage (or vintage-inspired) clothing for men & women in a range of sizes. Some vintage jewelry & records. Also on Instagram!



Cleveland Flow Shop PRFM Lorain

Cleveland Flow Shop

We specialize in handmade and DIY products inspired by the festival world. We also carry a selection of products from other industry leaders in an effort to bring the ability to try out higher-end flow toys and products in real life and not just online! We vend everything from backyard boutiques to massive week-long fests. We bring something for everyone everywhere we go! Be sure to check your swag bag for a special offer from our booth! 


Boos Dismay prfm lorain vendor logo

Boo’s Dismay

Boo’s Dismay specializes in pop culture, original, and custom designs, paintings, decals, and more, Working with a variety of materials from canvas and wood to t-shirts and acrylic sheets. Let me know what I can make for you!



The Vault of Midsummer

The name of our group is The Vault which consists of 3 different people who make different things. We have dreamcatchers, fused and stained glass, and beaded creatures.


Hand-Made Crafts by Wendi Flyer copy

Hand-made Crafts by Wendi

Custom-made comic book-themed crafts and artwork for all ages! Clocks, terrariums, magnets, comic flowers, artwork,  furniture, wizards’ wands and pens, and more! Anything is possible! Custom designs are available by request!  



Wild Alchemy PRFM Lorain

Wild Alchemy Handmade Dice

Wild Alchemy Handmade Dice creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind dice sets and single D20s for TTRPGs, as well as apricot-soy wax candles with scents that evoke an atmosphere of far-off and fantastical adventures. Also on Instagram!


jack of all gifts prfm lorain

Jack Of All Gifts

Jack of All Gifts emerged from a love of unique gift-giving and all things handmade. Whether you’re looking for a new accessory for you or a gift for your friend, Jack of All Gifts provides one-of-a-kind items like canvas tote bags, candles, 3D framed wall art, photography prints, jewelry, prayer beads, keychains, and more! As a big supporter of local and small businesses, I source all supplies from North American or European stores. 



the heel comic book prfm lorain vendor

The Heel Comic Book

The Heel is an ultra-violent/ alternative history/ professional wrestling story for the discerning mature reader with an interest in demonology, purse-puppies & serial killing. Our team consists of up-and-coming artist Jimmie Carroll who is currently a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art; editor/co-writer/ co-creator and Wrestling Fan Chris Ilcisko; and the closest thing we’ve got to a comic book professional co-writer/co-creator Milo Miller (Apama The Undiscovered Animal).



SpillProofLiquid *NEW*

I’m Sarah Lacey, an Ohio native and photographer/mixed media artist!  SpillProofLiquid is a handmade art and objects shop featuring stylistically repetitive handwork focused on a drippy, slimy pattern. We offer products including stickers, earrings, keychains, coasters, shirts & more! The name SpillProofLiquid comes from my initials (SPL) and was born out of my childhood imagination. I am inspired by psychedelic 70’s styles including shag carpeting, psychedelic designs and themes, and concert posters, especially rock concerts. I focus on craft-type art and handmade methods including sewing, DIY clothing/style/aesthetic, latch hook rugs, etc.


Sagittarius moons prfm lorain logo
Sagittarius Moons *NEW*

Sagittarius Moons is a sticker shop that specializes in creating nostalgic and witchy-inspired items. We make stickers, notebooks, keychains, and other items that capture the spirit of the past while adding a pinch of the mysterious. Our products are designed to bring a bit of magic into your everyday life. Whether you’re a witch, a kid at heart, or just looking for something a little different, Sagittarius Moons has something for everyone.


gothic desires prfm lorain logo
Gothic Desires *NEW*

Gothic Desires specializes in home decor with a gothic twist. All pieces are one of a kind.


rays of violet tye dye prfm lorain logo

Rays of Violet Hand-dyed *NEW*

Tie-dye customs and vintage clothing and band T’s. I am the sole artist/curator.


ol dirty sheets prfm lorain logo
Ol’ Dirty Sheets’ *NEW*

Ol’ Dirty Sheets’ is a small batch, handcrafted hot sauce company out of Wooster, Ohio. Our names are Jamie and Josh and we are the four hands behind all of our products! We use simple and natural ingredients that are layered together to create our hot sauce and spice rub recipes. We now have four flavors of hot sauce and two spice blends. This spring we will be releasing our fifth flavor of sauce! Also on Facebook!


firerose studios prfm lorain logo
FireRose Studios *NEW* 

My name is Victoria Rose FireRose Studios. I am an artist I paint and draw whimsical Fantasy Art, from unicorns, wolves, and dragons to cryptids. I also make 3D sculptures and steampunk-inspired jewelry; wire wrapped pieces and some Fantasy pieces as well. Also on Facebook!  


creative squared prfm lorain logoCreative Squared

Hola! Creative Squared is made up of three artists that like to have wine and make art that makes us laugh. We make a lot of custom pieces for clients, but we are obsessed with novelties and quirky, witty things that make great random gifts. We make a lot of different things with various mediums, our inventory is ever-changing and we like to switch things up to keep it fresh. Our style vacillates between clean/modern to rustic – but mostly we just want to make people laugh or smile with our stuff. 


acathla clothing logo
Acathla Clothing *NEW* 

Custom apparel, accessories, designs, and more. In-house produced one stitch at a time, custom graphics and so much more. Find us on Facebook and Instagram, too! 


garden party prfm lorain logo
Garden Party *NEW*

Garden Party sells air plants and containers. My containers are new, upcycled, vintage, and recycled. I carry around 20 varieties and sizes of plants. Warning… they’re addicting! Also on Facebook

little shop of colors prfm lorain
Little Shop of Colors *NEW*

One-of-a-kind embellished and painted hats, clothing, fairy wear, and Comicon couture.


Sindri’s Crafthall *NEW*

Derek Vanover has been making custom chain maille jewelry and accessories for almost 30 years.


olivia oltmanns art prfm lorain logo
Olivia Oltmanns Art *NEW

Paintings and Handmade Accessories by Olivia Oltmanns. 


beth lewin pottery prfm lorain logo

Beth Lewin Pottery *NEW*

Beth Lewin creates beautiful functional pieces of pottery such as mugs, plates, bowls, and pitchers, to be used and enjoyed in daily life. As a result, each piece of pottery is an original work of art, an expression of the style and craft that inspires it. No two pieces are exactly alike and the number of pieces produced is very low. Beth has always created unique, collectible pottery meant to be treasured for generations. Customers comment over and over again how much they cherish their pieces, and Beth is proud to make the art they live with. Each piece is carefully crafted, made by hand, and meant to be enjoyed. Also on Instagram!


dugway brook dry goods prfm lorain logo
Dugway Brook Dry Goods *NEW*

Dugway Brook Dry goods is a collaboration of three friends that handcraft decorative pots, wooden shelving, and macramé for plant lovers to display their plants in a beautiful way. Also on Facebook!


extravaganza of strange prfm lorain logo
Extravaganza of Strange *NEW* 

Prints/Posters of original artwork.
The Extravaganza of Strange is serving you the visual acid trip of the Ajna brow psycho primates, tentacled monsters, and colorful madness. These are the results of when an over-active imagination mixes with an aggressive creative impulse. Follow the white rabbit, take the red pill, and get lost in the realm of The Extravaganza of Strange! Also on Facebook and Instagram


sarah nerds bugs and bones prfm lorain
Sarah Nerd’s Bugs & Bones *NEW*

Sarah Nerd’s Bugs & Bones makes unique small oddities and wearable oddities and jewelry using natural elements like teeth, bones, bugs, and plants! 


reddog printing prfm lorain logo
RedDog Printing *NEW*

Plastic and Resin 3D printed models, kits, planters, pencil holders, etc. Find me on Instagram, too!


haffs hot sauce prfm lorain logo
Haff’s Hot Sauce *NEW*

All-natural fruit and pickle hot sauce.


hazel eye relaxation prfm lorain logo
Hazel Eye Relaxation *NEW*

I’m Felicia and I am the owner of Hazel Eye Relaxation! I make 100% soy wax candles and wax melts. My love of music, crystals, and all things witchy is evident in my work as I love including intentions and crystals in my work. My more popular collections are my Intention candles, Zodiac Crystal candles, and melts! Also on Facebook


Cotton Candy Crafting logo PRFM Lorain

Cotton Candy Crafting

I’m Sara, aka Cotton Candy Crafting! I started CCC in 2020 during the pandemic as a way to keep myself busy and my hobby quickly expanded into a beautiful business that is now found in several craft collaborative stores and at local craft and art shows throughout NE Ohio. CCC creations include coasters, keychains, lanyards, ornaments, trays, signs, dominoes, and even large pieces such as tables and nightstands, all featuring epoxy resin. Cotton Candy Crafting pieces make great gifts for all holidays, birthdays, weddings, and bridesmaids. I also offer pet memorial keepsakes (paw jewelry dishes and simple paw trinkets) that embed your pet’s cremains into resin. (These are by special order only!)

Uniquely Handmade For You in Wadsworth exclusively carries my badge reels and Pokémon card coasters and trays, along with a limited selection of keychains that are frequently rotated out.

Other items can be found locally at The Rift Shop in Olmsted Falls and Blended in Southpark Mall Strongsville. In total, I offer over 700 styles of keychains, so it’s impossible to keep them all in one location!

Cotton Candy Crafting can be found on Instagram and Facebook @cottoncandycrafting


Purple Pineapple 3D Print logo PRFM Lorain

Purple Pineapple 3D Print

I 3d print awesome things: dragons, unicorns, mermaids, witches, aliens, dice towers, Wednesday Addams, Pokémon, articulated prints, and much more. Featuring designs from Cinderwings, Zou3d, Flexi Factory, Twisty prints, ClockSpring, MysticSage, and a few of my own creations. Find me on all socials under purple_pineapple_3dprint.


jennuhlee prfm lorain vendor

Jennuhlee *NEW*

I am Jennuhlee, a local painter with a love for all things spooky and cute! I sell original paintings as well as prints, stickers, and small decor. Aside from fine art, I also run an alternative photography business called PhotoPunks with my partner, Alan, we always host a raffle at each vend for an opportunity to win a free photoshoot! Here’s my Linktree!


silver dragon prfm lorain vendor

The Silver Dragon *NEW*

We are excited to be joining you all for our first Punk Rock Flea Market! I’m a silversmith that makes an assortment of jewelry from rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets/cuffs, and brass jingle bells along with Christmas ornaments.


Spellbound PRFM Lorain vendor

Spellbound *NEW*

We are a witch shop and purveyors of enchanting magickal wares for you and your manor…where everyday is Halloween!


Comics Are Go

New Comics! Back Issue Comics! Collectibles! Like us on Facebook


Justice Glassworks

Handblown glass art, kaleidoscopes, and stained glass by Joshuah Justice.


Michael McConnell Art PRFM Lorain Vendor

Michael McConnell Art *NEW*

I’m a mixed media artist from Lorain, I started selling my artwork in 2022 and this will be my first time at the Punk Rock Flea Market! I sell my original work as well as prints and stickers!



Scholarly Banana PRFM Lorain vendor

The Scholarly Banana

The Scholarly Banana is a graphic novel series that summarizes, analyzes, and lovingly ridicules the CRAZIEST folk tales ever told!


Dot Ink PRFM Lorain vendor

Dot! Ink

Hi! I’m Catt, the owner and insanely patient artist behind Dot! Ink (That Dot Ink Cult on Facebook). I specialize in pointillism/stippling art – all the ink work is dots. Witchy, horror, pop culture themes, and more.

I’ll have prints and cards and more on hand and will be accepting commissions. Can’t wait to see you there!



*All vendors, non-profits, and food trucks are responsible for their own individual licensing, taxes, insurance, and liabilities. PRFM Lorain, Laura Bock, and Soccer Sportsplex hold no responsibility or liability for any accidents that may occur at the event.